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"As long as we continue to move with all four members, it shouldn't make sudden attacks. The moment it appeared was when Private Herald and I were alone, and just a moment ago when we got the door open. It fears us. The corpse it displayed on the second level was to set fear into our minds, this goes for that horrible laugh as well it's trying to confuse us and weaken our formation. The weaker they are the stronger the bluff will be."


The True Group members consisted of many different nations. Each fighter's motive and goals drastically differed. His own life did not matter in the face of God's mission.


Many of the children could be seen trembling. Up until today, the drill instructors of Ark had always been next to them. The drill instructors were to be feared, but at the same time they gave the children a sense of safety.


"Han, I really dislike you, but I'm glad to see you safe like this. As you've said, I don't have the strength to kill nor see someone be killed in front of me."


"Damn, there are inspectors wherever we go. There is an inspector at all the drill halls. I think I'll go crazy. It's not like I could beat them up either. What are you guys eating?"


"Even if you lack the physical strength, the main force will be enough as long as you aim properly. The five of you will attack together into one point."

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Han quietly called out to Jose. The fire type psykers put their strength together to form their last fireball. As the fireball sparked, all the Elu hunters' positions became bright as day.


Ironically, the air became less stifled. The children were able to come together after finding a common enemy in the sergeant. Everyone became livid as they talked behind the sergeant's back with one another.


Everyone competed against one another for the sake of coexisting without ending up with the short end of the stick.


Han looked toward Laocha. Laocha's body was densely packed with mostly muscles. He was like the smelted blade of a knife.


The medic applied a splint onto Han's arm. The instructor blankly looked towards Han.


"This child is significantly faster to understand the drill instructor's intent compared to the youths in his class. When the drill instructor's assign a task, the students normally only look to themselves. However, Han deciphers the drill instructor's thought process and the ultimate goal of the task, only following this point would he take any action. He has been the fastest student to adapt during the survival and mock battle drills. As shown during the sparring matches with Sergeant Red and Dimitri, he has high perseverance and mental strength. Even without formal military training, he has enough mental strength."


In his country, people would turn to thievery to find something to eat. There are so many things to be done to save these people, yet these people are already preparing for a war that has yet begun.



The True Group's attack killed many students of Ark. Nobody was allowed a day of grievance and was expected to swiftly return to work because they couldn't waste a second longer. It wouldn't be too late to pay tribute to the deceased after the end of the war.



Silence who sat next to him conveyed with his electric note. Squad Delta and Echo were annihilated. 8 dead. Amongst this group were first generation psykers and third years as well. The situation was so grave that even the third years could not be saved.


Han had been transferred based on the sergeants' letters of recommendation and the events related to Kuro, even though his psychic skills were subpar.


Korea had been one of the first countries to be hit in the first wave of aggression and thus had suffered the most casualties.

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