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"If the higher-ups would have been a little bit more sensible in handling this crisis, then you're right. However, they don't care that a few soldiers die. They do not understand the weight of a person's life. They're able to move thousands of people with a click of a button. If they become obsessed over every single person's life, they cannot do the job that they do. Eventually, their senses dull. The numbers and data written on paper start to feel like a game. It's easy to get used to it.." Schwartz said in a low voice.


"Go collect some strong twigs. We have to survive for another week. Let's make a hideout. We will have an easier time surviving as two than alone."


He made an expression which didn't belong to a child. The other party was used to hiding his feelings. Han had never lived as a child, but instead had to live in a world of adults, where he had to use trickery in order to survive.


He maintained his distance against the skull mask. He maintained the furthest distance he could mange. The skull mask approached him using his teleportation skill twice. The skull mask had become restless from Han's words.


Squad 7 looked to Han's skills highly. It was just that squad 7 didn't require such a member in their team. After Han became docile and quiet, they treated him kindly.


Han had been transferred based on the sergeants' letters of recommendation and the events related to Kuro, even though his psychic skills were subpar.

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The ninth squad members had the best ranking marksmen among the second years. Today, they had chosen the best four; there was no way they could lose.


'It's good that he doesn't easily give up, but it's also a weakness to not know how. Though this is a contradiction, it's a skill the kiddo must learn.'


A bullet flew into a first year student's head; the youth's body fell and spasmed. The youth died, disbelieving until the last moment, with his eyes open. Blood flowed through the cracks of the ground.


The squad members looking toward Sinuiju said. The dimensional crack had painted the sky of the area into a violet hue. A bleak, dreary feeling arose.


The news of Han's disgraceful fight against Laocha spread like wildfire and everyone gathered together to tease him. To them, Han was the rookie and the youngest of their group.


Han purposely distanced himself to lure the skull mask to make him use teleport twice in a row. He didn't let himself get flustered and observed the opponent's skills.


"He was judged as an A6 Rank for his Psychic powers. His future is bright. His telekinesis power is also excellent. He's already far past the first years. He's still young so there is a chance that he could go up to the A1 ranks as well."



Han didn't add his own opinion while listening to them talk. Everyone predicted Han would transfer to a different squad in a little while. Squad 7 had many members who excelled in close combat already.



The training weapons remained hanging up on the wall today. drill instructor Wei shouted with his hands resting on his hips.


Silence gave a slight nod. He swiftly moved through the forest like a black panther. His footsteps didn't let a single sound as he moved through the forest. It was as if he had the power of zero gravity.


Kuro gave a light salute and returned to his room. Han also returned to his room. Han laid down on his bed from fatigue. Drowsiness overwhelmed him. He organized all the elements of today's match carefully.

  • Han furrowed. The hole in the ground was dug quite deep. It was dug about 4 meters below ground. The trap looked like it had been in this place for quite awhile.
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